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Dentist Chairs

Our Services

We accept all PPO Plans.

For those of you with insurance, please note that fees will vary based on your specific PPO plan. We recommend checking your coverage with your benefits administrator or providing us with your insurance information, so that we may check on your specific plan. Pomerado Dental Arts does not represent your insurance carrier nor can we promise that they will cover all procedures.


Our office is now accepting patients those who have Medi-Cal.

In Office Insurance.

Some of our patients have lost access to their dental insurance. If you fall under this category, we have an in-office plan that may help you.

Fees are subject to change.

Comprehensive Exam, X-Rays,

CT Scan

$0 – $230

certain PPO plans may cover 100%

Deep Cleaning (SRP)


Deep cleaning with medication 

certain PPO plans may cover up to 80%

Anterior / Posterior Fillings (Tooth-Colored Filling)

$239 – $450

certain PPO plans may cover up to 80%

Treat migraines headaches /

Teeth grinding / Safeguards (bruxism)

$0 – $550

Prophy Cleaning

$0 – $175

certain PPO plans may cover up to 100%

Porcelain / Zirconia Crowns


certain PPO plans may cover up to 80%

Dentures / Partials

$0 – $1600 per arch


$3,300 start to finish

Dentist Chairs
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